the widow empowerment event


WEE2021 is a life-changing, premiere event where community, education, leadership, inspiration and resources are experienced over a 3-day span.

Widow leaders from across the U.S. will share lessons learned and provide hands-on advice to help you create a new and exciting future. 

There’s something very special about being a part of Modern Widows Club. We are a community of ‘Wisters’ – widow sisters. At the Widow Empowerment Event, you’ll learn some things about embracing this life in a positive way and finding the empowerment needed to walk this journey.

It’s absolutely possible to find transformational growth in this stage of life. You never chose to be in this place. We understand you are heartbroken, and we can help you build a thriving life. Your new life as a widow is kind of like painting a masterpiece. You’ll learn how to use your natural intuition, and how to learn from your lessons confidently to discover balance, peace and love in a myriad of ways.

At the Widow Empowerment Event, you’ll learn how to prosper in every aspect of life. Many smart, educated, resourceful widows lose their center and get confused, not knowing where to begin. Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve ever felt this. It happens to thousands probably millions of widows around the world. We get it. It’s not easy. Modern Widows Club is a shining light in the darkness for widows, bringing empowerment, building resilience and making a positive difference. You can do this. Join us at the Virtual Widow Empowerment Event and get help to move forward from that place of uncertainty pain and mystery and into a place of knowing. You’ll walk away knowing where you’re getting it right, what works for other widows, and how to take the next best step for you. 





Like every MWC story, ours starts with the simple act of loving someone.

As a women becomes newly widowed, she steps into the on going process of defining a new (and unwanted) self-identity without her partner. This reality is further heightened when she finds herself in a time-space quandary. For her, time has stood still, for the world at large, it has continued. It does not take long for her self-conscious awareness to reveal that these life circumstances cause a sudden and forever change. This internal and external change causes her to seek and find others by way of ‘re-socialization’, otherwise known as ‘finding her tribe.’

When she joins a new group, she will take on new norms, values and behaviors of that created ‘environment.’ This is why the positive approach we foster at MWC is vitally important in her healing and self actualization process. We meet her right where she’s at. Her first few steps will set the future trajectory for her ‘new me’ life.  At MWC, we equally recognize and respect all our differences as an interfaith, multi-generational nonprofit. Our shared values and focus on unconditional love are what makes us stand out and highly effective in building greater communities.

At MWC we are interested in research based analysis, empirical investigations and surveys, conversations about subcultures, sociology, stigma and ‘dependency culture’ studies as well as positive psychology, ethnomethodology, physiologic effects of grief, the gender gap, meaning making, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (8 levels), emotional intelligence, pain to purpose resilience building, metanoia, adrenal fatigue, thanatology, neuroscience, compassion, trust, vulnerability, justice and spirituality.

These assist us in serving both our problem challenge and mission statement from the inside out. We serve a myriad of social needs for widows and we also raise awareness through advocacy to bring understanding.

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