Widow Empowerment Event 




JUNE 26, 2020

7:30-8:30pm CT LIVE ZOOM Webinar

Join Carolyn Moor, MWC Founder, to launch our very 1st Virtual  #WEE2020 Event

  • Welcome to Virtual WEE2020
  • MWC History, 7 Pillars of Healthy Widowhood and our MWC Vault Bonus
  • Why is a WEE Event needed? 
  • What will I learn at WEE? 
  • Complete Review of Scheduled Virtual WEE Program
  • Q & A
  • Goodnight 


JUNE 27, 2020

10-10:15am CT LIVE ZOOM Webinar

Carolyn Moor, MWC Founder, join as she welcomes everyone to virtual #WEE2020 

10:15-10:45am CT LIVE ZOOM Webinar

Dr. Marissa Magsino Topic: Brain Fog/ Hormone Changes as We Age (Widow Version)

  • Q & A
  • GIVEAWAY- $50 off Online Consultation (Telemedicine) and $100 off all Procedures

Pillar: Emotional/Mental Health

11:00-11:30am CT LIVE ZOOM Webinar

Katie Stifter Topic: To Swipe or Not to Swipe: Dating Tips for Widows 

  • Q & A 10 minutes

Pillar: Relational Health

11:45-12:30am CT LIVE ZOOM Webinar

 First Responders Widows Discussion Panel

  •  Stacey Steinmetz (Firefighter), Heather Isaacs (EMT), Cindy Wilson (Police)

Pillar: Widow Advocacy

 1-1:30pm CT LIVE ZOOM Webinar

 Nora McInerny Topic: Your Grief is YOUR Grief

  •  Everyone ends up comparing their pain or their “progress” against other people…people like you, like me! This is not a race. You’ll feel good and laugh. (good medicine)
  •  GIVEAWAY- (5) No Happy Endings Book by Nora McInerny

Pillar: Fun and Creative Health

1:45-2:30pm CT LIVE ZOOM Webinar

Heather Ibrahim- Leathers Topic: Intersectionalities of Widows Globally

    •  Introduce MWC Partnership with Global Fund for Widows, Future UN Commission on the Status of Women Meeting 2021
    •  Q & A- 15 minutes

Pillar: Widow Advocacy

2:45-3:30pm CT LIVE ZOOM Webinar

Black Lives Matter Widows Panel

    •  Carlisa Carter Jacobs and Ryonda Harper Hall

Pillar: Growth, Purpose and Meaning Health

3:45-4:30pm CT LIVE ZOOM Webinar

Carolyn Moor Widow Pep Talk Activity 

  •  Candle Lighting Ceremony and Singing Performance by Alita Langford
  • Patty Gannon- MWC BOD Announcement for 2021 WEE LIVE


8:00- 9:30pm Virtual Dance Party

Farewell and Virtual Dance Party Invitation