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Session Descriptions

Sex in the City

Dr. Marissa Magsino, MD, FAAFRM


Adrenal Dysfunction and Grief

Dr. Marissa Magsino, MD, FAAFRM


Eat and Move to Heal your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Tara (Gidus) Collingwood, MS, RDN, CSSD, ACSM-CPT

Nutritious food is the ultimate source for all aspects of energy (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) in your body. Moving your body provides energy by providing and circulating oxygen throughout the body. Tara will explain how to eat and move to get the most benefit and provide healing for your body, mind, and spirit.

When Life Throws You Curve Balls, Don’t Eat Them!

Finding Happiness and Peace When Your Life Has Fallen Apart Without Gaining Weight

Vickie Griffith

When life throws you a curve ball just like in the movies for a split second everything slows down as the moment of trauma unfolds. It could be a car accident, loss of a loved one or termination of a job. Every painful moment is categorized in your mind and body to be experienced over and over again as edginess, anxiety, bloating and cravings.

Your coping mechanism kicks in to help you deal with the situation. Unfortunately, many of these coping mechanisms will help you zone out for a bit and then the guilt, anxiety and shame creeps in. This can stop for you and it is easier than you think.

Learn how to create constructive coping mechanism that will reduce stress, create clearly so you can make wise decisions and handle the situation in a confident impactful way.

  • Discover how to reduce stress easily
  • Learn to stop using food to cope
  • Create clearly so you can make wise decisions
  • Handle the situation in a confident impactful way

Knowledge Is Power Over Grief:
Conquer Financial Fear & Building Resilience

Laura L. Amendola, CFP®

  • Why F.E.A.R. is the real villain in your grief story.
  • The one financial question every widow must get answered.
  • Lose the fear! A three-step process to gain clarity and confidence.
  • Power your recovery and renewal by aligning the finances with what you truly value.
  • You. Financially wise.